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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Friend-Happy Birthday

Funny Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend-Happy Birthday Gf

Your girlfriend's birthday is coming up, and you have thrown a wonderful party to surprise her. She will appreciate your loving gesture. However, if you share these well-written birthday wishes for your girlfriend, she will cherish them for days to come.

If you are looking for the best funny birthday wishes for your girlfriend, choose one from our list of birthday wishes for a girlfriend, and you will not be disappointed.

The following are some of the most heartfelt funny birthday wishes for your girlfriend, which she will undoubtedly appreciate.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Funny Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend-Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For Gf

1. Your decision to be with me demonstrates your impeccable taste in people. Continue your excellent work! Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

2. You must be a magnet because I am constantly drawn to you. Happy birthday, lovely!

3. I'm not going to forget your birthday, honey; I know you'll kill me if I do. I'm kidding! My love, happy birthday!

4. I was going to get you the most beautiful dress for your birthday, but then I thought, why waste money when you look stunning in anything? Hahaha! Happy birthday, my love!

5. Please accept my sweet and delightful birthday wishes and kisses on this special occasion. They contain no sugar, cholesterol, or artificial ingredients, so you won't gain weight. My love, happy birthday!

6. On this amazing day, babe, let's go out to dinner because cooking creates a fire hazard! Please do not kill me before I wish you a happy birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend-Funny Birthday Wishes For Gf

7. Because they don't know how crazy you are, everyone thinks we're perfect together. I simply means insanely beautiful! Happy birthday, my sweetheart!

8. Babe, I believe you are a blockbuster film because I want to watch you again and again. Congratulations on your birthday!

9. I feel like I'm in a designer boutique every time I walk into the room because, darling, you look great in any dress. My fashion icon, happy birthday!

10. Do you realise how fortunate you are? You have the most wonderful boyfriend on the planet! Even if you forget, I will constantly remind you. Happy birthday, my darling!

11. Sweetheart, I know how much you loooove diamonds. So, for your birthday, I'm going to give you 15 diamonds... Just remember to discard the remaining playing cards! Ha ha… My queen, happy birthday!

12. Hey, you're my favourite thing in the world, aside from food, of course. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

13. You must be a blanket because you keep me warm and cuddly. Happy birthday, my sweetheart!

14. Happy birthday, sweetheart! I simply love you more than anything else! More than just a pizza. But don't force me to prove it. I totally love you, darling!

15. Age is just a number, but it can be significant at times. So, how many candles will there be on the cake? Happy Birthday.

16. It makes no difference if we have wrinkles on our faces as long as our love is as fresh as ever. So, don't be concerned, my love. I'm not bothered by your wrinkles. Congratulations on your birthday!

17. You are older than yesterday but certainly no less interesting than you were yesterday. I still find you very interesting and adorable. best wishes for your birthday!

18. Sweetheart, happy birthday! Here's a birthday treat: for the next 24 hours, I'll grant any wish you make. Your wish is my command.

19. I can't believe your birthday is still not recognised as a national holiday! So I took the day off instead to celebrate with my family. Happy birthday, sweetie!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend-Funny Birthday Wishes For Gf

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20. You already have my love, honey; what more do you need as a birthday present than my love? Happy birthday, dear.

21. Happy birthday to the luckiest girlfriend who has had the good fortune of having me as her boyfriend. Much love to you.

22. Today is your lucky day. Make as many wishes as you want because this opportunity will not come again. Congratulations on your birthday!

23. I am suffering from asthma because you took my heart in this beautiful birthday look. Happy birthday sweetie.

24. What do you get when you combine hotness and beauty with a sexy personality? You. Congratulations on your birthday.

25. I searched online and went to all the stores old and new. But I haven't found anything that is as beautiful as you. Happy birthday girl.

26. Your wishes will all come true as you blow out the candles on your cake, because that's what I wished for as well. Congratulations on your birthday.

27. My dear, happy birthday! I called in sick to work today because I am in love with you. So please, please, please cure me with your love shot!

28. I fell off the chair when you smiled at me! Your smile is so powerful that it has the potential to end all wars! Congratulations on your birthday!

29. After extensive research, I have come to the conclusion that you are indeed more beautiful than the most beautiful princesses! So, happy birthday to the most beautiful girl alive!

30. Happy birthday my love! Can we celebrate this day together for more than 100 years?

31. I don't believe in birthdays because I know you came down from heaven to make my life more beautiful and happier. All my best wishes to my angel!


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