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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Friend-Happy Birthday

Funny Birthday Wishes For Wife-Birthday Messages Funny

Some wives are very funny and keep making fun of their husbands, sometimes by teasing them and sometimes by pranking them.

And when you have such a loving and joking wife's birthday and we don't make her a little funny, then what is the fun of the birthday.

Send our best funny Happy birthday wishes to your wife and make her laugh and be happy.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Wife

Funny Birthday Wishes For Wife-Funny Happy Birthday Quotes For Wife

1. Dear wife, I know you are the luckiest woman on this planet because you have found me as your husband. Thanks. I love you so much.

2. Happy birthday, don't be sad. At least you're not as old as you are going to be next year. Be happy thinking about that! Love you forever!

3. Happy birthday, you are a year older today. Don't be sad, because this is just a matter of an extra icing on the cake. You and I both know that nothing else has changed.

4. Happy birthday dear! Hope you get all the best things in your life just like you got me! Enjoy your day to the fullest! love you sp much.

5. This day is special for both of us. Why? Because if you were not born, I would not have been able to taste such delicious food. Happy birthday, dear.

6. Do you need candles for the cake? I don't think so, because your smile will be enough to light up the environment. Happy birthday, dear.

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For Wife

7. I am glad that Kamadeva struck me with his arrow when I was admiring your beauty. happy birthday dear

8. If I am asked the reason why I am crazy about you, I will not describe the aroma of the smell of your food, because I do not want to share it with anyone. Happy birthday babe.

9. It doesn't matter how old you are, I'll always give you a big slice of cake! Wollah - happy birthday to you, sweetheart!

10. A good husband remembers your birthday, forgets your age but still embarrasses you somehow with the right number of candles on the cake. happy B-Day!

11. You are always at the top of my priority list, except when it's time for a football match. Happy birthday dear wife, I love you and obviously I was joking.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Wife

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12. Though another year has been added to your age but you are still as beautiful as the first day. Happy birthday, my dear wife.

13. Since I already have you, I have decided not to buy you a birthday present this year. Happy birthday, my dear wife!

14. You are getting really old, but at least you have your wonderful and handsome husband to be with you.

15. Being married to the most perfect and amazing man in the world must be exhausting, so I'm going to take a break today and let you be the most amazing man you can be. happy B-Day!


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